State Law In


  • What does state law say?

    It is a violation of the law to intentionally or recklessly permit the use of property for possession or consumption of alcohol by a minor.

    Settings covered by the law include any residence or any land, building, structure, or room that is owned, occupied or procured

  • What happens if an adult breaks the law?

    Adults who are charged with this violation face a minimum fine is $1,000 and a maximum of $2,500 and/or a term of confinement in the county jail of a maximum of one year. If the court sentences the offender to perform community or public service work as a condition of probation, the court shall consider ordering the offender to serve the community or perform public service at an alcohol treatment facility. This is a Class A person misdemeanor.

  • Can adult do anything to rescind the violation?

    Not addressed by state law

  • Can the adult be sued?

    The State of Kansas has not enacted a law regarding civil penalties for social hosting.