State Law In


  • What does state law say?

    Current state criminal statutes do not address social hosting. However, some communities may have local ordinances on social hosting that can include fines and other penalties.

  • Can the adult be sued?

    Any person who is injured by an intoxicated person who is under legal age has a right of action for all damages actually sustained against a person who dispensed or gave (physically presenting) any beer, wine, or intoxicating liquor to the intoxicated underage person when the person knew or should have known that the person was under legal age and the underage person was intoxicated, or the person knew or should have known that the underage person would become intoxicated. The person who dispensed the alcohol may establish as an affirmative defense that the intoxication did not contribute to the injurious action of the underage person.

  • Are there liability limits to the amount of money the adult can be sued for?

    Not specified.