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State Law In

New York

What does state law say?

Current state criminal statutes do not address social hosting.  However, some communities may have local ordinances on social hosting that can include fines and other penalties.

Can the adult be sued?

A person injured due to the intoxication of a person under the age 21, shall have a right of action to recover actual damages against any person who knowingly causes the intoxication by unlawfully furnishing to or unlawfully assisting in procuring alcoholic beverages for such person with reasonable cause to believe that such person was under the age of 21. In case of death, his or her executor or administrator shall have the right of action.

Are there liability limits to the amount of money the adult can be sued for?

Not specified. The law does state that a person has a right to recover actual damages.

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Are there local laws that I should be aware of?

It is possible. Check with your local municipality since there are some communities that enact additional local ordinances which can include fines and other penalties.