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What does state law say?

It is a violation of the law for a host to knowingly allow a party to take place or continue where an underage person obtains, possesses or consumes an alcoholic beverage.

Private premises (e.g., privately owned land) or private residence (the place where a person actually lives or has his or her home).

What happens if an adult breaks the law?

Adults who are charged with this violation face imprisonment in the county jail for not more than 90 days or by a fine of $1,000, or both.  This is a misdemeanor.

Can adult do anything to rescind the violation?

Not addressed.

Can the adult be sued?

Law provides for immunity if alcohol is served to a person legally permitted to drink. Assumes right to action for a person injured or who suffers by an intoxicated person under 21 years of age against the person who served the intoxicating beverage.

Are there liability limits to the amount of money the adult can be sued for?

Not specified.

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Are there local laws that I should be aware of?

It is possible. Check with your local municipality since there are some communities that enact additional local ordinances which can include fines and other penalties.