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What does state law say?

It is a violation of the law to intentionally or recklessly permit the use of property for possession or consumption of alcohol by a minor.

Settings covered by the law include any residence or any land, building, structure, or room that is owned, occupied or procured

What happens if an adult breaks the law?

Adults who are charged with this violation face a minimum fine is $1,000 and a maximum of $2,500 and/or a term of confinement in the county jail of a maximum of one year. If the court sentences the offender to perform community or public service work as a condition of probation, the court shall consider ordering the offender to serve the community or perform public service at an alcohol treatment facility.  This is a Class A person misdemeanor.

Can adult do anything to rescind the violation?

Not addressed by state law

Can the adult be sued?

The State of Kansas has not enacted a law regarding civil penalties for social hosting.

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Are there local laws that I should be aware of?

It is possible. Check with your local municipality since there are some communities that enact additional local ordinances which can include fines and other penalties.